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Our Services

Here is a price list for some of the services we carry out.  These are all iphone repairs.  For other repairs please call or email for a quote.

High-quality materials

Screen Replacement

Iphone 5  £29.99

Iphone 5s  £34.99

Iphone 6  £39.99

Iphone 6  £44.99

Iphone 7  Plus £44.99

Iphone 7 Plus  £49.99

Iphone 8  £55.99

Iphone 8 Plus  £62.99

                               Charging Port Replacement

                                Iphone 5 £24.99

                                Iphone 6 £29.99

                                Iphone 6 Plus £34.99

                                Iphone 7 £34.99

                                Iphone 7 Plus £34.99

                                Iphone 8 £34.99

                                Iphone 8 Plus £39.99

         Water Damaged Phones

             Most water damaged Mobile Phones can be brought back to life with a little time and expertise.

             The cost of this is dependant on the phone and the extent of the repair.

             Most repairs cost £39.99 on a no repair no fee agreement.


We do carry out repairs on many other makes and models of mobile phones and tablets.

This is just the most popular selection at the moment.

Please give us a call or email with the model of your device and we will give you a quote as soon as possible.